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Powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based Retail POS Software with a world-class UAE-based support team.

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Hulexo is the only piece of Retail POS software you need to build a thriving multi-channel retail business

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Inventory Management


Intelligent POS

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Purchase Management

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Reporting & Analytics

Marketing & Loyalty

Marketing & CRM

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E-Commerce Integration

Retail POS on different Devices

Inventory Works Both Online & Offline

Keep track of all your items with low stock alerts, the system stays reliable even if your connection is not.

Checkup On Your Business From Anywhere

All your real time sales data on your finger tips.

Easy To Use POS

Set-up in minutes, sell in seconds & compatible with any device.

Your Business In Your Pocket

Track the health of your business from anywhere in the world with just your mobile phone.

Simple & Beautifull

Say goodbye to ugly, expensive, outdated POS systems and enjoy an interface designed for modern retailers.

Inefficient inventory and stocks are costing you time, money, and sales.

Boost Profits and Efficiency by Automating Optimal Inventory Management in your Retail POS based on Real-Time Data and Actual Sales/Demand

Optimize Stock Allocation: Prioritize Top-Performing Stores for Maximum Sales Impact

Streamline Stock Transfers: Automate Warehouse-to-Branch Transfers and Eliminate Manual Adjustments in the POS Software

Effortless Product Management: Centralize and Unify Your Product Data with a Global System
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ERP Software | Hulexo

Effortlessly Handle Busy Days with an Agile and Lightning-Fast POS System in UAE

Unlock Powerful Customer Insights: Access Full Profiles, Transactions, Lifetime Value, Store Credits, Vouchers, and Loyalty Info in Just a Few Clicks from our POS software

Enhance Personalization: Capture Customer Profile Data and Comments to Tailor Future Marketing and Visits

Uninterrupted Sales: Seamlessly Continue Business Operations with Built-in Offline POS Mode

Seamless POS Setup: Expert Guidance for Compatible Devices including PC, Laptops, iPad, and Mac

Supercharge Your Sales. Unlock Real-Time Reports to Maximize Revenue and Mitigate Losses

Uncover Insights and Solve Challenges: Customize Filters and Variables to Analyze Data and Discover Key Trends Directly from your POS Software

Unlock Comprehensive Insights: Analyze Data from Multiple Dimensions in a Single, Multi-Dimensional Report for Quick and Sophisticated Insights

Effortless Report Export: Seamlessly Export Reports Directly from your POS System to Excel for Convenient Work Anywhere

Harness the Power of Retail Data: Customize Reports, Pivot Tables, and Dashboards with Seamless Integration to Leading BI Tools
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Unlock Customer Lifetime Value Potential: Boost Engagement with Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Boost Sales effortlessly from your POS Software with Personalized Product Recommendations: Leverage Past Purchases & Profile Attributes for Targeted Suggestions

Segmented Targeting for Higher Conversions: Leverage Variables stored in your POS System such as Expiring Loyalty Points, Customer Type, Lifetime Value, and Birthday Month

Drive Customer Engagement Throughout the Lifecycle: Create Activity-Based Marketing Campaigns directly from within the POS Software

Streamline Marketing Efforts: Automate SMS & Email Campaigns with Trigger-Based Communication linked with Hulexo's Retail POS

Frequently asked questions

Does Hulexo POS offer a cloud-based solution for retail businesses?

Yes, Hulexo UAE retail POS is a cloud based point of sale system designed specifically for retail businesses in the UAE. This allows you to manage your store operations from anywhere with an internet connection.

Is Hulexo's Retail POS suitable for managing a multi store retail business?

Yes, Hulexo Retail POS supports multi store retail businesses with features like centralized inventory management and real time sales data across all branches. We help business owners get 100% transparency across their entire business.

Can it be customized for specific retail needs?

At Hulexo, we offer 100% Free minor customizations, including reports, inventory management with variants and multiple other aspects. Please note high level customizations may be chargeable, depending on a case by case basis. If you’d like to enquire further, please contact us.

What are the minimum hardware requirements to run Hulexo (The best pos system for retail in UAE)?

While if you have an existing POS hardware in place, that should totally work fine. If you’re looking to purchase a new one We recommend a system with at least an Intel Core i3 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and a stable internet connection of 10mbps for the best performance.

Does Hulexo offer a free trial for users to test the retail pos software?

We currently do not offer a free trial, but we do provide demos. You can leave your contact information to be contacted by us, or you could directly book a meeting by clicking here.

How quickly can I expect support from Hulexo's UAE team?

Since we are based in UAE and operate heavily in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, you can generally expect a response within 10-15 minutes on weekdays and within 25-30 minutes on weekends. Please note – Customization support is typically available on weekdays.

What modules are included in the Hulexo POS system?

Hulexo Retail POS software offers two subscription packages:

Basic –  inventory management, POS, purchase, sales & analytics
Advanced – everything in Basic, plus CRM, marketing tools, accounting*, and integrations with third-party applications*

Is Hulexo retail pos system a subscription based service or a one time cost?

Hulexo retail pos system software operates on a subscription model only with 3 plan options. These are 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.

Does Hulexo offer training for users, and what are the options?

We  provide online training sessions via Zoom meetings (25 minutes to 1+ hour) that can be recorded and shared upon request. We also offer an optional on site training for a one-time fee of AED 450 per visit.


UAE Based Development Team

Hulexo’s entire POS Software development team is present in Abudhabi, Khalidyah & DTEC, Dubai.

UAE Based Support Team

We also have an onsite & virtual support team in both Dubai & Abu Dhabi with 24/7 Service to ensure zero trouble with our POS Software

Built For Middle Eastern Retailers

Automatic updates of your database in full compliance with the latest changes in the UAE legislation, including newly regulated VAT reports & more. All from one POS Software

Approved By UAE Federal Tax Authority

Hulexo has been approved as a provider of the VAT-compliant software by the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority.

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