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Attract and reward customers with personalized marketing and loyalty campaigns.

Give your customers a great brand experience with powerful retail marketing software, CRM and loyalty tools. Increase sales and retention with Hulexo ERP.

One-time customers are great. But loyal, devoted customers are what help your business grow.

You need long-term customers that stick with your business, but your current systems aren't helping with retention and repeat sales.

You don't have the right features to personalize your marketing, maintain targeted lists or build sophisticated loyalty and promotional offers.

Get both high-level, and in-depth, actionable insights into your business with Hulexo ERP analytics.

Quickly capture customer info in-store and build detailed profiles & groups.

Create in-store surveys with custom fields to capture customer data and helps you personalise your marketing.

Use powerful reporting tools to identify your most valuable customers and their buying patterns.

Build dynamic customer groups based on profile attributes, purchase behavior, loyalty points, spend potential, purchase history and other variables.

See unified customer profiles across all channels and tag your VIP customers and provide a red carpet experience when they hit your stores.
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CRM Loyalty

Run personalized loyalty programs and promotions that are actually profitable.

Get advanced features like minimum redemption spend thresholds, points expiry dates and bonus multipliers.

Offer flexible, tiered loyalty programs & promotional offers for different customer groups and drive them to spend more.

Encourage repeat sales by setting special prices and exclusive promotions for your best buyers.

Encourage repeat sales by setting special prices and exclusive promotions for your best buyers.

Set smart rules for multi-buy and benefit campaigns.

Exclude specific products or brands from your promotional offers for brand or margin integrity.

Create cross-channel gift vouchers and schedule price markdowns for specific products to boost sales.

Encourage repeat sales by setting special prices and exclusive promotions for your best buyers.

Maximize customer lifetime value with personalized marketing campaigns.

Recommend products your customers are actually interested in based on past purchases & profile attributes.

Target customers based on variables like expiring loyalty points, customer type, lifetime value and birthday month.

Build marketing campaigns that span the customer lifecycle and trigger them based on their activity.

Reduce manual work with automated trigger-based SMS & email campaigns.
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Automatic, timely updates

Get access to the latest POS software features and upgrades – without any IT actions needed on your part.

Affordable solution

No extra fees for customizations or quick support. Hulexo ERP is transparent, easy and affordable!

Get 99.9% system uptime

Secure your data & ensure smooth operations with Microsoft Azure's enterprise-grade infrastructure, based in UAE & Sadia Arabia.

Scale with ease

Expand to new branches and get instant access to all your data. No need for on-premise servers or infrastructure!

We guide you through the entire setup and help you every step of the way.

We believe migrating to a new software should NOT mean putting your business on hold.

We provide you with a personal Success Manager based in UAE to remotely onboard you and guide you through the entire process.

Our team will help format and import your data and get you up and running!

Get all inclusive, best-in-class support from local retail experts.

Our support team is made of retail experts based in UAE. Get fast, reliable all-inclusive support. Because we believe in partnerships, not transactions.

Expert UAE Based Support

Integrate with other leading business software

Integrate with leading e-commerce, accounting, payment and other software to reduce doubling handling, improve productivity and provide a seamless store experience.

Hulexo ERP was made by retailers, for retailers.

We know what it takes to run a successful retail business. Hulexo ERP was built to regain visibility and control over your retail business.

We’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and helped over a 1,000 retailers launch, grow and scale.

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Hulexo is the only piece of Retail POS software you need to build a thriving multi-channel retail business

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