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We grow your retail business by eliminating stockouts while giving you complete visibility & control of the business using an AI-powered ERP System.

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The Kape

Hulexo is the only piece of software you need to build a thriving multi-channel retail business

Inventory Management

Intelligent POS

Purchase Management

Reporting & Analytics

Marketing & Loyalty

E-Commerce Integration

Inventory Works Both Online & Offline

Keep track of all your items with low stock alerts, the system stays reliable even if your connection is not.

Checkup On Your Business From Anywhere

All your real time sales data on your finger tips.

Easy To Use POS

Set-up in minutes, sell in seconds & compatible with any device.

Your Business In Your Pocket

Track the health of your business from anywhere in the world with just your mobile phone.

Simple & Beautifull

Say goodbye to ugly, expensive, outdated POS systems and enjoy an interface designed for modern retailers.

Inefficient inventory and stocks are costing you time, money, and sales.

Let the system calculate the optimum inventory mix for item & store based on real-time data & actual sales/demand.

Automatically allocate stock based on store performance so your best stores get the stock first.

Creates stock transfers from your warehouse to your multiple branches and avoid manual adjustments.

No more having to import your products multiple times per outlet, manage it all with one centralized & global system.

Fly through your busiest days with an agile & fast POS System

See any customer's full profile with past transactions, lifetime value, store credits, vouchers and loyalty info, with a couple clicks.

Capture customer profile data and comments to personalize future marketing and visits.

Keep the sales rolling in even when your internet is down with a built in Offline POS mode ensuring business continuity.

Get fully guided hardware support on setting up our POS with a wide range of compatible PC, Laptops, iPad and Mac devices.

Get real-time reports that help you boost your sales and prevent losses.

Adjust filters and variables to identify trends and problem areas, and get to the bottom of your data.

Split data in multiple ways in one multi-dimensional report, and get sophisticated insights quickly.

Export your reports to Excel in seconds and work where you are most comfortable.

Access a retail data cube to customize reports, create pivot tables and build dashboards with our leading BI tool integrations.

Maximize customer lifetime value with a personalized marketing campaign.

Recommend products your customers are actually interested in based on past purchases & profile attributes.

Target customers based on variables like expiring loyalty points, customer type, lifetime value and birthday month.

Build marketing campaigns that span the customer lifecycle and trigger them based on their activity.

Reduce manual work with automated trigger-based SMS & email campaigns.

UAE Based Development Team

Hulexo’s entire development team is present in Abudhabi, Khalidyah & DTEC, Dubai.

UAE Based Support Team

We also have an onsite & virtual support team in both Dubai & Abu Dhabi with 24/7 Service to ensure business continuity.

Built For Middle Eastern Retailers

Automatic updates of your database in full compliance with the latest changes in the UAE legislation, including newly regulated VAT reports & more.

Approved By UAE Federal Tax Authority

Hulexo has been approved as a provider of the VAT-compliant software by the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority.

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