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Make purchasing, stock control & replenishment a breeze with accurate, real-time data using a robust retail inventory software. Save money and countless hours of manual work with Hulexo.

Inefficient inventory and stocks are costing you time, money and sales.

Your data is in excel sheets or outdated systems & being collected from stores - it's impossible to get a clear view of performance or inventory.

In store & E-commerce store stocks are out of sync and customers aren’t happy

You're purchasing based on gut feeling or inaccurate Minimum Stock Levels.

You're struggling to keep up with the costs and items often go missing.

It takes tons of work and updating excel sheets & many phone calls to move, count or receive stock.

Inventory management takes up too much time and effort.

Improve return on inventory, drive more sales and provide a better customer experience with Hulexo ERP.

Eliminate over or understocking with automated alerts.

Let the system calculate the optimum inventory mix for item & store based on real-time data & actual sales/demand.

Automatically allocate stock based on store performance so your best stores get the stock first.

Creates stock transfers from your warehouse to your multiple branches and avoid manual adjustments.

Automatically allocate stock required for store transfers to avoid double selling to other customers.

No more having to import your products multiple times per outlet, manage it all with one centralized & global system.
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Use supplier or system generated barcodes to easily track, each item, sale, stock count, delivery, good received and easily spot discrepancies.

Eliminate the headaches, costs and inaccuracies of manual stocktaking with Hulexo's completely digital stock keeping solution.

Count your stock with wireless barcode scanners to perform counts and update your inventory in real time.

Give employees complete visibility of stock by using their mobile or tablets.

Reduce manual work by using your supplier's barcode, printing your own auto generated ones, or go hybrid.

Manage huge inventory easily and get clear visibility into your store room/warehouse.

Effortlessly manage multiple product variations with different brands, colors, sizes, styles etc.

Track unit costs, pricing, inventory and purchase order status for every single SKU across all your locations.

Easily edit product information and quickly update data in bulk with our intuitive management tools.

Expand to different locations without worrying about your inventory and store management — Hulexo ERP is built to help you grow easily.

Get notified of slow selling & outdated products so you stop holding stock that doesn't sell.
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Fulfil your orders faster by streamlining confusing back-office operations.

View all outstanding orders across all locations and online.

Dispatch orders in batches without doing any operational work, so your products get delivered sooner.

Manage in store & online orders with just a click and Manage back-orders efficiently!

Offer faster delivery for online orders by using stores closest to the customer with Decentralised Fulfilment.

Directly integrate your operations with your 3PL partners.

Easily manage suppliers, imports & COGS to maintain healthier margins.

Monitor profit margins and monitor performance per vendor for feedback and to negotiate better deals.

Use just one dashboard to centralize purchasing for all stores and vendors.

Track delivery status and ETA dates, easily manage cashflow and get your purchase planning right.

Keep purchase order variances in check with higher visibility.

Track delivery costs & margin impact in your currency of choice.

Calculate freight and duty costs into your prices for better visibility on profit margins.
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Leather Pet Collar - Hulexo System

Keep your instore inventory synced with your E-commerce store in real time & maximize sales.

Leverage all of your physical stores stock online to avoid lost sales and provide the widest range of products.

Empower in-store staff to easily request stock from other branches or warehouse locations.

Update inventory directly off of GRN's & PO's

Get full visibility of your purchase prices from each supplier / item to ensure best buying price & smooth supplier negotiations.

Keep your in store inventory synced with your E-Commerce in real time to avoid double selling.

Automatic, timely updates

Get access to the latest POS software features and upgrades – without any IT actions needed on your part.

Affordable solution

No extra fees for customizations or quick support. Hulexo ERP is transparent, easy and affordable!

Get 99.9% system uptime

Secure your data & ensure smooth operations with Microsoft Azure's enterprise-grade infrastructure, based in UAE & Sadia Arabia.

Scale with ease

Expand to new branches and get instant access to all your data. No need for on-premise servers or infrastructure!

We guide you through the entire setup and help you every step of the way.

We believe migrating to a new software should NOT mean putting your business on hold.

We provide you with a personal Success Manager based in UAE to remotely onboard you and guide you through the entire process.

Our team will help format and import your data and get you up and running!

Get all inclusive, best-in-class support from local retail experts.

Our support team is made of retail experts based in UAE. Get fast, reliable all-inclusive support. Because we believe in partnerships, not transactions.

Expert UAE Based Support

Integrate with other leading business software

Integrate with leading e-commerce, accounting, payment and other software to reduce doubling handling, improve productivity and provide a seamless store experience.

Hulexo ERP was made by retailers, for retailers.

We know what it takes to run a successful retail business. Hulexo ERP was built to regain visibility and control over your retail business.

We’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and helped over a 1,000 retailers launch, grow and scale.


Hulexo is the only piece of Retail POS software you need to build a thriving multi-channel retail business

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