Wagamama was struggling with low sales. After conducting thorough market research, Wagamamas ‘s team found that due to the diverse customer base, a significant amount of customers were leaving after surfing through the menu outside the restaurant because of the unfamiliarity of Japanese cuisine.

The menu Wagamama used was a traditional text-based menu, which became a problem since Wagamama was serving Japanese cuisine and the names of the dishes seemed strange to the majority of the new customers. They also had no way to get feedback from their existing customer base due to which they were clueless about their unexpected sales fluctuations. Wagamama was surviving solely on their loyal and repeating customer base and had failed to onboard new ones.

Hulexo Technologies came up with a digital solution for Wagamama which targeted the root cause of low sales. We developed a digital menu and a digital customer feedback form which were being used on IPads outside their restaurant.

The digital menu lets the users view the dishes in their preferred language along with detailed ingredient descriptions in a visual manner on an Ipad. Our Filemaker / Claris based solution also allowed the management to get a birds-eye view of feedback stats from all the customers from all branches in one single dashboard, enabling them to make appropriate decisions by gaining insights into customer behavior.

The solution provided by Hulexo helped Wagamama achieve efficiency and productivity in operations by increasing the customer conversion rate and hence increase revenue.

Wagamama was also able to get a deep insight into their customers’ satisfaction which helped them to further improve their foods and make informed decisions.

Project Stats


Percent increase in new customer onboarding


Feedback Collected


Branches running Digital Menu

“The level of expertise Hulexo brings to the table, both in terms of design and development is absolutely spectacular and nothing like what I've experienced before. They delivered a complete Filemaker based Digital menu and feedback management system in a short time with a user interface that looks gorgeous considering the UI limitations of Filemaker. A smooth experience with a professional Filemaker development company.”

Ishaq JamalIT Manager

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