660 Hours wasted per month by a team of 3 people on manually planning the meals.

Matter Nutrition prepare around 1500 to 2000 customized meals for their customers on a daily basis, the first level of complexity was that the quantity of each meal was customized based on the individuals macros. The second level of complexity was that each meal had to be catered to the persons allergies and preferences (No Fish, No Broccoli etc). The third level of complexity was that each day, they had to deliver different meals to their customers.

Their entire operations were being managed on excel sheets by 3 employees spending approximately 8 hours every day. These final excel sheets were then sent to the kitchen that prepared the items, an assembly team that assembled the meals and a sheet for the delivery team with the schedule of all the customers with their contact details.

This entire process was prone to errors and impossible to scale leading to a significant waste of time and money while causing a lot of stress to the management.

We developed a Web application that was connected to a backend Filemaker system that took in all the body information of the customer while registering, their macros, allergies, and preferences and the algorithm generated a highly personalized meal plan for each customer with exact quantities needed to be consumed every day to reach their fitness goals.

The system also generates new meals every day to provide different variety of meals to the customers every day of the week. Then, it automatically sends a sheet with exact quantities of what needs to be prepared, to the kitchen two days in advance for them to prepare the ingredients on time without any errors or mishaps.

Our system allowed the meal planning company to completely automate their meal planning and meal assigning process with 100 percent accuracy without the intervention of a human being, significantly reducing their operational costs, error rate, and manual labor while increasing scalability in the long run.

The entire process that took four employees’ approx. Seven to eight hours every day with a 15 percent error rate, is now being done in a second with an accuracy rate of a 100 percent with a click of a button.

“The amount of time & stress their Filemaker solution saved for our company is unparalleled. It is great working with people who are masters of their craft, and Hulexo have definitely mastered Filemaker.”

Tarek RoumieOperations Manager

Project Results


Reduction in operational errors


Hours saved every month


KGs of daily food wastage eliminated.

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