Ammico was using a drilling machine called Vibrflot for ground improvement. The Vibroflot was used for compaction and to stabilize loose grainy soil by vibrating and extending the vibrator into the ground.

Ammico had a fleet of around 42 Vibroflot hammers on around 30 Sites, which were utilizing an outdated custom build system that generated a .CSV File. This file had to be manually added to excel in order to display the data visually in a graphical format in order for them to set the power on each drill on each site. 

This process consumed significant time and manual efforts of their engineers and increased the maintenance cost of the machine resulting in an overall increase in the duration and cost of the project. The solution they were considering was to buy the latest models of Vibro-Flot hammers which could get live readings but would cost Ammico a significant amount of money.

Hulexo Solutions installed an encoder on the Vibro-flot hammers electric motors which was integrated with our custom build Filemaker solution. The encoder sent raw data to our custom built system which visually displayed the Ampere, depth and the pressure readings from all their machines in real time on IPAD’S which allowed them to read the load on the motor, on site. 

Ammico’s site engineers would get a complete visual report as to what surface the drill is in contact with and how much pressure it’s dealing with without having to manually derive all this information from the excel sheets. Our system decreased the duration of their drilling projects by 24 % resulting in a cost-saving of 15 % per project. It also saved them from spending above 5 Million AED on a fleet of new Vibro Flot hammers.

They could visually see all the data directly in their Filemaker System and could easily filter their data based on the site and the drill machine

It also saved them from spending above 5 Million AED on a fleet of new Vibro Flot hammers.

Project Stats


Hours saved every day per machine


Vibro-flot drillers connected to one dashboard


Million AED Saved

“It was quite surprising how Hulexo was able to quickly understand the problem our onsite engineers were facing and derived a perfect solution that did exactly what we wanted. These guys are really what they are doing and are a pleasure to work with.”

Malek Al-RachdiOnsite Engineer

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