130 Hours wasted on HR operations every month.

Baalbak was wasting a significant amount of time in employee salary calculations and manually creating WPS. They would also have to pay late renewal fees on the expiration of critical employee documents, like VISA, Passport, Labour card, health card, etc. as they didn’t have a system to keep track of the expiration dates.

Everything was being managed on excel sheets leading to multiple errors and major costs at the end of every month. Additionally, they were recording the time attendance of their 200 plus employees manually on excel sheets which lead to employees being on leave and come in late without the management being informed.


Hulexo Solutions analyzed the HR process flow the company followed and visualized the flow using data flow diagrams. We then collected all the existing excel sheets they were using and developed a fully customized HRMS system around their existing process. We planned to develop biometric time attendance, salary calculations, gratuity calculations, leave management, document management, and performance management.

In 1 month, we were able to do a phased implementation of small parts of the HRMS system while collecting valuable client feedback. Once each module was fully developed and tested, we implemented it in one branch for a pilot test. Upon successful implementation of the system, we then scaled the system to all 3 branches and importing their old data of 200 employees into the fresh system.

After the implementation of Hulexo HRMS system. Baalbak was able to view all their 200 plus employee’s document expirations in a single dashboard. Their HR Manager would get automated SMS and email notifications 45 Days before a document expiration. The HRMS system was also connected with a biometric scanner in each branch which then calculated the timesheet for each day and each employee.

Upon a late entry of employees, the system would send an email notification to the branch manager who would then take the required action. The system would also generate a timesheet daily and at the end of each month. Which would then auto calculate the salaries. Additionally, Baalbalk was able to seamlessly manage all their employee’s leave and gratuities within a single and easy to use dashboard and generate WBS in just one click of a button.

Project Results


Percent decrease in time spent on HR Operations


Employees being managed automatically.


AED Being saved every quarter

“The speed at which they were able to build and implement the HRMS system was phenomenal. Really professional communication and you can clearly tell that they've been doing this for quite a while.”

JithinHR Manager | Baalbak

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