Inefficient registration and invoicing process led to huge lines

The problem they were facing was that every piece of information was in paper format or disconnected excel sheets, from manual patient registration to printing an invoice, token number, or a lab report. This was wasting tons of time.

To service one customer, from registration to the printing of an invoice to the lab report, it would take around 15-20 Minutes, and you multiply that by an average of 600 patients daily, that’s 9 thousand minutes or 150 Hours of manual work to be done in one single day. Which was being managed by around 8 employees.

The process was an absolute nightmare, it caused delays in lab reports, huge queues of patients in the clinic, and an average 1 hour of waiting time on peak hours. And the worst problem at the end of the day was, that they had this pile of cash, and they couldn’t backtrack as to how many transactions happened today, what was their daily revenue or sales. So basically zero transparency.

Once we started working with them, the first step was to create an efficient process that would reduce manual work and optimize servicing speed.  After that, we designed a solution using Filemaker technology to automate the entire process.

Firstly, we introduced registration using ID cards, so all the information, that was being taken down manually taking up to 2 Minutes, was now being stored in around 1 to 3 seconds. Once the information was stored, and the package selected, it would automatically print an invoice with a paid stamp that saved another 2 minutes per customer.

After that, the token number was printed with the person’s name and barcode on it, after which they would wait for their turn on the token screen which was being controlled by the lab.

Once they reach the lab, their token number would be scanned which would automatically trigger the test as completed in the system. Right after the test, would complete, they would go home and receive their lap report either by SMS or a hard copy on the reception once the doctors updated their records in the system.

The biggest advantage of the system was that it gave them complete transparency of all their customer data, the tests they performed,

their lab reports, invoices, and their daily sales all in one centralized location on the cloud accessible from any location.

Project Results


Time reduced on servicing patients


Hours being saved per day


Tests being managed daily

“I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they made our lives so much easier. The Filemaker solution they built, did all the heavy lifting for us. From spending hours everyday to literally a couple of buttons. Loved it!”

Phil MartinezBranch Manager

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